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What is Raghukaka Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee (BSG)?

We understand that buying products or services online can be tricky. We are committed to ensuring that you have absolute peace of mind whenever you transact on our platform. Every service you book and payments you make, are covered by our Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee (BSG). Our dispute resolution team will work with you to resolve the dispute and guarantees you expected service delivery or a refund.

When can you initiate the BSG?

1 When you place an order and our Pro doesn’t turn up at the appointed schedule.

a. If you don’t receive the service at all, you are entitled to a full refund. What’s more, our associates will connect with you to help you reschedule the service booking again.

2 You are not satisfied with the services delivered by our Pro.

a. Our dispute resolution team will work with you to resolve the expectations mismatch with the Pro.

b. Dispute can be raised within 7 working days of your appointed schedule.

How does BSG work?

1 If any of the above situations occur, raise a dispute. You can do this by simply writing to us - cs@raghukaka.com or clicking on "Talk to Us" to leave a message for us. Don’t forget to mention the order no. and brief details of your concerns.

2 Our dispute resolution team will connect with you to resolve this dispute.